Martis Camp

Welcome to Martis Camp,

Embraced by the expansive Martis Valley, Martis Camp beckons those seeking an unparalleled mountain living experience. Renowned as "Tahoe's best place to own a second home" by Barron's, this gated sanctuary offers a blend of exclusivity and central location between Lake Tahoe and downtown Truckee. Martis Camp epitomizes luxury living amidst the beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

Its meticulously planned community boasts a plethora of amenities, from on-site dining to community events and concerts, creating a vibrant atmosphere akin to a Rockwell painting. For outdoor enthusiasts, Martis Camp is a paradise, offering access to one of northern California's most challenging golf courses and abundant recreational opportunities year-round. Martis Camp's allure extends beyond its amenities – it's a haven for those seeking refuge in the mountains.

Home to a diverse array of properties ranging from $2 million to $8 million, as well as desirable home lots starting at $700,000, it's a place where mountain inspiration meets refined living. Whether you're drawn to its exclusive community spirit, the allure of its recreational offerings, or simply seeking a retreat amidst nature's grandeur, Martis Camp offers a lifestyle second to none. Welcome to Martis Camp – where every moment is an invitation to live well in the heart of the Sierra Nevada.

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